Wednesday, 11 January 2012



2011 was infact a disaster for me in every form, some unavoidable setbacks but the biggest problem was my attitude. I thought that i deserved to win every poker tournament i played,always blamed my failures on suckouts, bad luck, Russians and bad karma. But the truth is i deserved nothing,nothing at all. My attitude towards poker even reflected in my personal life as i let the game affect me off the felt making me a moody twat.
The game is ever evolving and i stood still and let it pass me thinking i could rest on my laurels and that playing ok/good poker would make me money. This was not the case as i finished breakeven across all sites and had a worse year then the one before. The Main reason i failed myself last year was because i put virtually no effort into improving myself as a poker player whatsoever. I will be totally honest and say in the last 3 days i have put more effort into learning then i did in the entire of 2011. This lazy ass attitude and application is what cost me last year not just in terms of money and i can tell you it will NEVER happen again. After Black Friday the pokersites were ripe for the pickin with alot of good players unable to play, this was the perfect time to step up and chase the pokerdream but what did i do?? FUCK ALL and by not getting coaching,reading articles,ghosting, railing or improving my game at all other players surged past me as i sat there thinking i was good enough without trying. Putting in little effort gets you nothing in life u gotta get balls deep and keep pushin.

So with that said this year i will give 110% to everything i do on and off the felt, This will be my year and nothing will stop me from achieving my goals.

Goals for this year

Spend 40 hours a month working to improve my game
25k in prizes on PS alone
Create and Maintain a healthy Bankroll
Get coaching from Takezo
Stay a Winner!

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