Friday, 30 March 2012

Failure to Launch!

Such a dissapointing month in every possible way. My health kept me from accomplishing my goals for the month and left a bitter taste in my mouth. As highlighted in an earlier blog I wanted to play 500 sngs through March and be profitable. I barely managed to play half the volume and I closed out my event eating a $70 loss. The amount of the loss did not bother me, it was that I had let myself and others down by not playing the set amount of games. I found myself not being able to motivate myself to play because of the illness and although when i did play I gave 100% it just felt like there was something missing. I often found myself opening the Pokerstars lobby and then just closing it down feeling disgusted at myself for not being more interested in playing. With the extra value micromillions mtts running aswell I tried to bring myself to play some of them thinking a change from 180s would ignite a spark in me which wasnt there at the time, but it didnt. I was run down, drained and just generally annoyed at being ill. My plan was to play over 20 micromill events and i only managed 3/100. This month just highlighted to me how important health is towards your mentality when playing poker because when your not 100% its really hard to motivate yourself to play a few extra games or even open the lobby.With the 180s I definately feel in the long run for a 10-20% ROI they are beatable if you can put in the volume, there is no doubt in my mind if I was at full health I would of destroyed my challenge.

It has been a while since my last blog post but to be totally honest nothing much has happened in my life worth commenting on. I got my 6th tattoo and only 2 remain until my leg is full. I will be showing them off in a few days as I fly out tomorrow to Cyprus for my cousins wedding. A long overdue vacation and two week break from poker where i will spend my day swimming , drinkin beer , eating BBQ and basking in the sunshine whilst dancing around thrusting to "IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT" in a leopard print thong, yeah that bit was a lie I wont be eating bbq :)

Well its time for me to stop writing so i can concentrate on these mtts that need shipping, Peace out guys and GL on the felt.

Cyaz in 2 weeks

In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Success followed by Failure followed by ......

January was a good month for me , February not so much but March is here and im Feeling Good.
Through February I mixed in sngs with mtts and ended up at a loss, not due to bad play but Varience which makes it acceptable in my eyes. Along with my bad health it became difficult for me to play for long spells yet I put in more volume then the previous month. After various trips to the doctors/Hospital I think im finally sorted so im looking for a big month in March.

This month my aim is to play over 500 x $2.50 180 turbo sngs with a profit and also mix in some micromillions events. I have played 100 sngs so far but not going great but it is all I plan on playing until the Pokerstars Micromillions start so I hope for an upswing soon.

Touching on the Micromillions I have yet to decide how many events i will be playing but with the schedule pretty spread out I could probably guarantee to play maybe 20 or more. With such great potential I will try and play as many events as possible and make a run at the leaderboard :P
Im pretty decent at most types of poker so I will not just be sticking to NLHE as I feel I have an edge in some of the other games on offer such as PLO /PLO8 etc. I will be selling my action as usual on chipmeup if any of you guys want some let me know closer to the date.

I am going on holiday on March 31st to Cyprus for my cousins wedding for 2 weeks which has given me a problem as ive had to cash out some of my bankroll for spending money so upon my return I will be thinking about accepting fullstake sng deals for the 180s incase any of you guys are interested just send me a message. Hopefully it wont come to this as all it takes is a small score in the Micromillions to get me back to normal again.

On a side note i have put more ink on to my body and the tattoo count is now 5 , soon to be 6 at the end of the week. Once it is all finished i will post a picture in a later blog.

If you guys havent seen any of these yet check em out its Daniel Negreanu's Video Blogs

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