Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Success followed by Failure followed by ......

January was a good month for me , February not so much but March is here and im Feeling Good.
Through February I mixed in sngs with mtts and ended up at a loss, not due to bad play but Varience which makes it acceptable in my eyes. Along with my bad health it became difficult for me to play for long spells yet I put in more volume then the previous month. After various trips to the doctors/Hospital I think im finally sorted so im looking for a big month in March.

This month my aim is to play over 500 x $2.50 180 turbo sngs with a profit and also mix in some micromillions events. I have played 100 sngs so far but not going great but it is all I plan on playing until the Pokerstars Micromillions start so I hope for an upswing soon.

Touching on the Micromillions I have yet to decide how many events i will be playing but with the schedule pretty spread out I could probably guarantee to play maybe 20 or more. With such great potential I will try and play as many events as possible and make a run at the leaderboard :P
Im pretty decent at most types of poker so I will not just be sticking to NLHE as I feel I have an edge in some of the other games on offer such as PLO /PLO8 etc. I will be selling my action as usual on chipmeup if any of you guys want some let me know closer to the date.

I am going on holiday on March 31st to Cyprus for my cousins wedding for 2 weeks which has given me a problem as ive had to cash out some of my bankroll for spending money so upon my return I will be thinking about accepting fullstake sng deals for the 180s incase any of you guys are interested just send me a message. Hopefully it wont come to this as all it takes is a small score in the Micromillions to get me back to normal again.

On a side note i have put more ink on to my body and the tattoo count is now 5 , soon to be 6 at the end of the week. Once it is all finished i will post a picture in a later blog.

If you guys havent seen any of these yet check em out its Daniel Negreanu's Video Blogs


Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.
Doug Firebaugh

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