Thursday, 23 February 2012

General Shiznit

Finished playing my set of 100 x $2.50 turbo 180 sngs last night with some success. Finished with a 15% ROI yet felt dissapointed. I am not sure why i wasn't happy because after all there was profit which is always a good thing, but there is a nagging feeling that there was so much more potential there. As already mentioned i got some coaching for turbos/180s and without it I can guarantee I would of failed badly with this challenge. In total I only managed 12 cashes with 6 final tables and 1 Shippage. Those numbers to me look awful and can be greatly improved upon. I played good poker but varience kicked my arse badly in the middle section of my games. Finishing as the money bubble sucked aswell on two occasions but i play to win not to min cash. I will be running another 100 and i honestly feel 25% ROI is a good realistic aim, as always i will be selling my action on chipmeup.

Micro Mtts were moved down in my priorities whilst playing the sngs but I will be trying to improve upon my good start to the year within the remaining time in February. So far this year i have an ROI of 68% which I would love to maintain for the rest of the year, I know with varience I will have ups and downs but aslong as I play my best poker I can guarantee a positive outcome.

Ok so in a non poker related note, at the weekend i was left really dissapointed after I got outbid on a 5 foot tall wooden carving of an Eagle at an auction. I know what your thinking "wtf did he want a big wooden eagle for?" well the answer to that question is because it looked fucking awesome and it was just one of them times in my life were I wanted something because it was cool yet i had no space or use for it . This was 5 days ago and i am still dissapointed by losing out, it was kinda like when you were a kid and your mam makes you share your toys and some little fucker breaks it lol.

Without getting into too much detail i have had some health issues lately, a severe kidney infection which took 2 lots of antibiotics to get rid of yet the pain remains so I gotta go have an xray to check for kidney stone and the worst part is next week i gotta have a camera up my penis to look at my bladder n kidneys yeeeeeha.

The day i found out i had to get the camera n stuff done i decided on the spare of the moment to go and get a tattoo, so i got one of a shark which has a meaning of "endurance" and then I got one of a bad ass frog which means "healing" and tonight im booked in for another one which is a hammerhead shark which shows "strength", it will be my third tattoo in two weeks.

Peace Out
If you don't know where you are going,
you'll end up someplace else.

Yogi Berra

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